4. Implementation


The implementation of STREAM is an ambitious undertaking that requires a certain effort. The development of the infrastructure is the work of a four-year project financed by the Hercules Foundation, Ghent University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), with support from the National Geographical Institute and the State Archives of Belgium (Rijksarchief). The infrastructure will be fully operational in 2020. Data collections included in the infrastructure and whose publication does not contravene material and intellectual property rights are conditionally available to researchers from the planned start-up.

The completion date of the project does not imply the end of STREAM. On the contrary, STREAM is managed by UGent Quetelet Center which will keep the infrastructure operational in the future and so provide high-quality support for scientific research.

1. Purpose and objectives
2. Scope
3. Spatial dimension
4. Implementation
5. Data collections